The Manse has been a licensed facility since 1984. Our residence is a friendly and
encouraging environment to live in. Not only is our residents' livelihood a foremost priority, but  
your family member is being looked after with love and carewhich is also very important. Our
caregivers treat each resident with respect, and provide the care they need to foster dignity
and self-esteem in a home-like setting.

We treat our staff as we expect each staff member to treat the residents; we believe that
inspiration filters down, as does enthusiasm. In short, this is our enabling: Giving someone the
means and opportunity to improve self-esteem. The end results are staff and residents who
share in the victories of accomplishment, independence, an dignity.

We attempt to nurture self-esteem through mentoring. We encourage our staff to get to know
each resident and ask them to reflect on how they would want someone to take care of their
mother or father. Much in the same way our parents modeled the work ethic and self-reliance
for most of us in our formative years, we strive to have our staff model independence and
accomplishment for our residents.

Our Commitment
We are committed to providing a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for our residents.

Our Goal
Our goal is to continuously grow and evolve life at the Manse, providing a variety of new
activities and positive experiences.

Our Dedication
We are dedicated to serving the needs for our residents with empathy and tenderness.