"It was a pleasure to see my sister looking so well when my son and I visited her Septer 12,
2017. Thank you for all the care and attention you give her. I greatly appreciate your kindness
more than I can express."
~Jean Greene

"Since moving into The Manse our mother is more content, has gained weight and shows much
less stress. We enthusiastically support and confidently recommend The Manse as an assisted
living facility."
~Sheree L. Gutierrez

"Alicia Sanchez has provided personal attention to both my father and myself; and in my
opinion, Alicia also provides the same kind of personal care and service to all of the residents
at The Manse."
~ L. D. Cardona

"Our entire experience at The Manse has been so positive that I have recommended the
facility to several people and at least one that I know has in fact moved her mom to The
Manse. I can think of no greater endorsement than recommending Alicia to others."
~ C. Hawkins

"Thanks again for letting me stay at your house. I sure did enjoy going on outings and visiting
with residents.  You do a very good job working all the residents."
~ Steve B. (resident)

"Thank you for giving my mom a safe and loving family environment to live, to be loved and
cared for!  You are truly God's Angels in earthly bodies . . ."
~ C. Edmond

"The time and attention you gave to keep the Manse clean, cheerful, and well decorated are
greatly appreciated...always ready to give your full focus to the needs of others."
~ B. Frigge & Family

"The Manse is a lovely facility with a real feeling of "home" for its residents.  The atmosphere is
family-like and is evident in the relationship the staff develops with each resident. Most
importantly, the residents of the Manse receive top quality personal care that is based on
genuine concern for their comfort and welfare. This is coupled with an attitude of respect for
each individual."
~ M. J. Palecki

"My husband and I began to check out facilities. When we arrived we were very impressed with
first of all, the electronic gate that screened every visitor before they were allowed in to The
Manse. We were very impressed at just how beautiful The Manse and the property was. It
reminded me of a beautiful Colonial Mansion. And we were impressed because it was so safe
and so private, yet so easy to reach. We were met by Alicia Sanchez, the owner and operator,
which was also comforting to us.  After talking with Alicia we were given a tour of the beautiful
residential rooms. They were very clean, very light and cheerful. We were impressed by the
big, beautiful living room where all the residents were seated together like a family
atmosphere. There was a big screen television for everyone to watch together. The dining
room was located right off the living room, which was so convenient for the residents to reach.
The outdoors was green and beautiful too. The residents who were able, also had a place to
garden . Also, every afternoon the activity director would get the residents involved with
numerous activities. Church services were held every Sunday which my Mother and all the
other residents enjoyed so much.

I loved knowing my precious Mother was safe and well cared for. She enjoyed the company of
other residents,  She enjoyed the food, the individual care, the loving family atmosphere. And
throughout the year all the families were welcome anytime at The Manse. The families were
also included in several different holiday activities. A beautiful Christmas dinner was given , a
lovely family outdoor barbecue was given, and entertainment was also provided.

I know I made the right choice for my precious Mother when we moved her to The Manse. I had
a peace of mind knowing my Mother was being well cared for every day she lived there. I would
highly recommend The Manse to anyone who is looking for a clean, safe, loving and caring  
can no longer live alone."
Here are excerpts of testimonials and letters of appreciation from a
few of our residents and their families.